Solid Isolator - LSA Eaton 1.9 Super Charger



Tired of the marble noise coming from your blower?  
Solid Supercharger Isolator
GM LSA Engine Including 2009 & Newer CTS-V and 2012 & Newer Camaro ZL1
The supercharger isolator is part of the supercharger drive assembly and is located in the supercharger snout.  The original isolator as installed at the factory contains a spring mechanism and is notorious for noise and a short service life.  The spring in the original isolator wears a groove on the supercharger shaft, creating debris that will eventually cause the shaft seal to fail.  Our replacement coupler is precision-machined from a solid piece of high-grade thermoplastic and installs as a direct replacement for the original.  Our coupler is not susceptible to the issues that plague the original unit.
We highly recommend replacing the original isolator with this upgraded unit.

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